Monday, August 10, 2020

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Happy Things

This post is going to be pretty random. Starting with my current craving...Iced Lattes with One shot of French Vanilla Swirl from Dunkin Donuts. How many cups of coffee is too much? Just curious. ;)

We live in a new construction area and there are views for miles within our neighborhood. This view will change as homes are built, but for now we are loving it!

I go through weird phases with my breakfasts. Right now, I'm loving Old fashioned oats with maple syrup and blueberries. It's delicious!

I love going to the lake even if it's just to sit and soak up the views. So relaxing. I took the girls the other morning and it was so nice to do something relatively 'normal' again.

The other night, Josh grilled steaks and I made a new salad recipe. It was a lemon vinaigrette with chickpeas, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It was such a nice break from cooking over the stove top! I think we need to make grilling a weekly habit.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Summer Fun

Last week, the girls made homemade Popsicle's for their evening after dinner treat (or two)! 

I've come to realize that the girls have reached a new stage in life...they love to play games! I taught them Candy Land the other day and it was a big hit!

We try to soak up outside time first thing in the morning before the heat wave hits. <3 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Our Home

Well, we are moved into our new home and we are finally settled! A little back story...we listed our home back in March, right before our state went into quarantine. Having our home on the market during that time was WEIRD and we certainly didn't plan for that. Precautions were taken, and we ended up selling about two months after we listed.

We literally looked at over a dozen homes in three different towns. We made five different offers and the Lord kept closing doors. Ultimately, we decided on a new build. A modern craftsman much closer to where Josh works. We live on a ridge with views and are just minutes from one of our favorite lakes. It is an absolute dream and we feel so blessed to live here!! It was definitely a "God" thing to have landed where we did!

We've had fun decorating, organizing and making it feel like "us". We enjoyed picking out a new dining table and chandelier!

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our home. I am ready to return to blogging. I have missed it so much. Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, June 29, 2020

The View

I snapped this picture from our front porch last night. We are officially moved into our new home and trying to get settled has been a long and stressful journey, but we made it. God is good. ❤️

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Snapshots & Changes

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful. We listed our house on the market and were officially under contract as of two weeks ago. We began house hunting right away and after four rejected offers we ended up getting a contract on our NEW dream home! Deep cleaning and prepping for the move are officially underway. I’m excited, scared, nervous stressed and deeply excited!

Anyway, the reason for my absence has just been for coping purposes. I am so ready for routine and normalcy. 😉

Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Currently: April 2020

Whew, ya'll! Most days, we've been doing good. I have to admit, I had a *cough* moment last week, but after a few minutes by myself, a hot bath and a stack of books to read, I was good to go!

Doing: We have made it a point to get outside multiple times a day with the girls.We go for walks, or sometimes I just sit on the porch while they ride bikes or play with chalk. We've also been going on long drives listening to music or books on CD, etc.

Listening: I've also enjoyed listening to music in the evenings when I do my routine tidy up. Ellie Holcomb, David Archeletta and Ben Rector have been a few in rotation. If you have have a favorite band or singer, share away! I love finding new tunes.

Reading: Tons of fiction and biographies!!! I literally requested over 20 books to keep at the house. It has really helped me to keep my mind off of things and for our quiet weekends at home. My favorite book so far this month was Lizzy & Jane by Katherine Reay. She is one of my all time favorite authors!

Homeschooling: Before the quarantine happened, I had planned for the girls to finish school early next month. Instead, I think we are going to shoot for early June. It gives us a little more grace over the next few weeks. We have been enjoying Art Hub Videos and Cosmic Kids on YouTube to change up our school routine! Cosmic Kids is a yoga for kids channel and it is the CUTEST workout videos I have ever seen! Think story themed complete with fun backgrounds! They even had a FROZEN themed workout.

Drinking: Iced Coffee, Iced Whipped Coffee and more iced coffee. What can I say? Coffee is keeping me happy as ever. ;)

Watching: Josh and I got started on The West Wing. Binge worthy!! Toby, Josh, Sam and Leo are by far my favorite characters. I love the dynamic that they bring to the show. I also love CJ, and of course, the president's secretary.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday Thoughts

Princess dresses and fancy hair for these cuties. 💕
I’ve been cleaning, reading and drinking lots of coffee (of course).
It’s good to slow down.
Happy Tuesday! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


I’m thankful for rainy days...because the girls got to splash in puddles.
That the library is I have to tackle my own book stash.
For grocery delivery...I was able to order a few treats.
For Jesus...His peace surpasses all understanding.

Thankful this morning. ♥️

Monday, March 16, 2020

First Day of School

  New crayons, new school books, new school year!! 💙

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